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Check the latest market trends about the cryptocurrency trading market. The surge in popularity of Bitcoin and other digital currencies means the market is growing on a daily basis. Estimates predict it grew from sixteen billion dollars in January 2017 to seven hundred billion by the end of the year.

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Bitcoin News and Market Data

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a digital form of money. They allow you to send and receive money anonymously over the internet. Digital currencies like Bitcoin are decentralized, meaning no person or country are in control of them. Just as with any form of money cryptocurrencies can be traded, used to pay for goods and services or held as assets.
Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2008. His identity is shrouded in mystery, but he is believed to be one of the richest people in the world. Nakamoto wrote a paper describing how his digital currency would work, and it was then released as open source software in 2009
Digital currencies work on so-called 'blockchain' technology. The blockchain is secure data recording every transaction and the ownership of every digital coin in circulation. The security of the data is one of its attractions, as it means cryptocurrencies can't be manipulated or forged.
In simple terms, you make money by holding digital currencies and selling when the prices rise. Just as with property, shares and other assets, the key is to buy low and sell high. Bitcoin prices have been very volatile over recent years, so some investors have made huge profits by timing purchasing and selling correctly. Bitcoin traders also make money in falling markets by 'shorting' in a form of spread betting.
With recent prices as high as nine thousand dollars, buying a whole Bitcoin is beyond the resources of most investors. You can buy Bitcoins in decimals, so it's possible to start investing with just a hundred dollars.
You can buy and sell digital coins or trade them for different cryptocurrencies, but you do actually own them. There are companies that will hold Bitcoins on your behalf, but the safest way is to store them in your own digital wallet. If a company holding cryptocurrencies on your behalf ceases trading, you could lose your money. Using a digital wallet means you hold the private encryption keys to your digital currency.
The term 'mining' causes a lot of confusion when people refer to digital coins. Think of it as cracking a code to release a coin into circulation. There are twenty-one million Bitcoins in existence, but they aren't all in the digital currency market yet. Experts predict it could be as late as 2140 before all Bitcoins are in circulation. The mining process involves solving complex computational problems to chain together blocks of transactions.

Why iCoin Trading Platform?

iCoin Cryptocurrency Trading Software operates on a trading rule established on an open order book that is based on a price/time principle. This means that an earlier submitted transaction is processed faster that a transaction submitted after it.

No Central Authority

Transactions are also processed based on price preference. This means a buying order with the least price is preferred, and the selling order with the highest price is preferred.

Safe & Secure

The iCoin platform also has a robust and attractive capital base of $1.6 million, which makes the company a self -sustaining one. The last thing a cryptocurrency token holder wants to hear is a trading platform crashing and they losing all their funds.