iCoin: Innovative Trading Exchange Platform

iCoin is offering low trading fees for most of the transactions and a zero percent fees for crypto to crypto trading till 15th June 2018. Thailand based crypto exchange iCoin, allows the users to do crypto to crypto trading, corporate trading and fiat to crypto trading in a convenient manner. It is backed by military grade servers and finger scan security for the app to ensure utmost privacy and security of the user data. The platform features a user-friendly interface and is available in three languages; English, Thai and Chinese.

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The iCoin exchange platform is supported by 1.6 million dollars of registered capital and a 24/7 customer support that is always ready to help customers with all kinds of trading queries. It’s a professional blockchain asset trading platform with quality blockchain assets. Created with an aim to become one of the most trusted and global blockchain asset trading platforms, iCoin offers secure and convenient trading services for its customers.

The exchange platform uses state of the art and advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed storage, distributed server clusters and a high-speed memory based trading engine to provide an unmatched trading experience to its users. The whole platform is backed up in multiple machines, cold storage locations and hot wallets with offline private keys for maintaining the ultimate data security. The customers can use the iCoin exchange platform through their official website or mobile app.

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The iCoin exchange is developed by a team of highly expert trading professionals who are also the firm believers of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. They believe that distributed ledger and smart contract technology will have a great impact on the economy through building the trust foundation of humankind, eliminating trade barriers and promoting trade efficiency. Their common aim is to establish iCoin as the most reliable and trusted platform for all kinds of crypto trading.

As an exchange platform that is just started, iCoin invites all kinds of feedback and suggestions from the customers and trading gurus to further improve their products and services. The platform strives to make continuous innovations and improve the customer experience by introducing the latest technology, algorithms and trading interface.

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